Anne C Godfrey photography

threesome, 2010 Anne C Godfrey

Object Portraiture

Object Portraiture explores the material integrity of common objects.  A play on memory and meaning occurs with the act of taking the object’s portrait: essentially isolating the objects from their everyday context and allowing them a new kind of meaning through that isolation.  Two bodies comprise this series:  Tools and Memory Objects.

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This body of work evolved from an on going fascination and collection of old “precision” tools used in various crafts such as drafting, machine making and woodworking. Conceptually stripped down to basic ideas of materiality and form, these object portraits express my primary interest in the formal and utilitarian qualities of these objects.

The titles express instant associations I have with the arrangement of the objects.  Over time, these associations have become relational in meaning.  The reading of these relationships is open.  The titles are intentionally ambiguous, to create a tension between the original use of the objects, and the new meanings they emulate based on the way I choose to arrange them.

Memory Objects:

An outgrowth of Tools, these Memory Objects migrated to Oregon from my childhood home in Wisconsin in the fall of 2010.  These objects, associated with my immediate family, hold memories beyond what can be expressed with a photograph, or title.  Each object has a particular material integrity that I am attracted to and puzzled by.  In the end the photograph itself becomes an object in its own right.

These objects, though unique to my own experience, represent the larger pantheon of typical twentieth century household objects.   Almost archetypal at times, these objects play on the memory in both poignant and humorous ways.

These bodies of work prove to be my most minimalist to date.

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