Anne C Godfrey photography

Anne C Godfrey


Anne C Godfrey is an avid interdisciplinarian in the field of design.  Godfrey’s photographic practice is strongly influenced by her training in landscape architecture. As a member of both the faculty of Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon and the faculty of Fine Art and Media Art at Lane Community College, Godfrey intermixes drawing, photography, 2d and 3d design, and landscape studies with analogue and digital techniques.  She is both a practitioner and theorist, exploring the interrelationship of immediate individual experience with the larger spectrum of 20th and 21st century art, design and literary theory.

Her photography combines traditional film based photography with digital production and manipulation.  A number of variant sources influence Godfrey’s present work: psychogeography,  Joe Deal and the New Topographic movement, the revival of pictorialism, abstract expressionism, phenomenology and late 20th century portraiture.

Photography is about experience and memory.  Photography simultaneously activates both the memory and the present psychological state.  The individual takes this to the viewing of each photograph and creates a unique viewing experience.  Godfrey hopes to activate the viewer’s experience by creating open ended and at times ambiguous photographs that allow for multiple and various readings.

Godfrey earned a BA in American Studies from Carleton College, and a BLA and MLA from the University of Oregon.  Moving from Wisconsin to Oregon in 2000, Godfrey considers her self a “converted west-coaster.” Presently she lives in Eugene, Oregon with luthier Raymond Kraut, a cranky cat, and Kees the border collie.

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